CAIRO: Egypt’s Ministry of Transport is attempting to address the problem of traffic congestion at the two land ports of Argeen and Goustol at the Egyptian-Sudanese border.

The ministry said that the accumulation of trucks and the resultant queues at the border were due to the slowdown in customs clearance procedures at the land crossings on the Sudanese side.

The situation has been made worse by an increase in the volume of Egyptian exports destined for Sudan, which has led to the accumulation of trucks.

The Egyptian Council of Ministers has looked at the issue and a directive has been issued following coordination with the Ministry of Transport and other concerned parties to quickly facilitate the movement of traffic.

It has been reported that the Council of Ministers has approved a new system to regulate the arrival of trucks at the crossings.

Trucks at the border are to use a convoy system and they will move in numbers that correspond to the capacity of the port to avoid congestion.

Authorities have sent ambulances to congested areas and distributed water and meals to truck drivers stuck in the chaos.

The ministry added that healthcare facilities and food supplies would be made available to all truck drivers at the assembly points.

Bloody clashes between Sudan’s Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces began on April 15.