Tesla motors CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk said he will buy the Coca Cola beverages company and suggested reintroducing cocaine to the drink, according to a Tweet on Thursday.

“Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in,” he said in the tweet.

The entrepreneur made the seemingly sarcastic comment two days after a $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter was confirmed.

The “cocaine” tweet was followed by another comment that said: “Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!”

The two tweets gained well over 1.3 million likes on the social media platform.

Since the news of Musk’s purchase of Twitter surfaced, many users on the bird-app have jokingly asked the billionaire to make more such acquisitions.

One user indirectly asked Musk to purchase fast-food chain McDonald’s and “fix all the ice cream machines,” in a dig at the chain’s famously broken machines across the US – to which he replied saying, “Listen, I can’t do miracles ok.”

Another user suggested Musk buy the History Channel and make it about history, since they are notoriously known to broadcast content that cannot readily be classified as history content.

Musk responded with a face emoticon with tears-of-joy.

While many of these comments are jokingly taking a dig at the ridiculously priced Twitter deal, it is worth noting that a similar exchange between Musk and comedian Dave Smith on the micro-blogging app was one of the earliest signs of any remote possibility of such a development.

Realistically, Coca Cola is currently valued at $284 billion while Musk’s net worth is currently capped at $253 billion, according to reports.

As for the cocaine in Coke claim, there is some level of truth to it.

An official statement on UK’s Coca‑Cola website says that it “does not contain cocaine or any other harmful substance, and cocaine has never been an added ingredient in Coca‑Cola.”

However, a report by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse states otherwise.

When the drink was invented in 1885 by pharmacist John Pemberton, the report said that the “recipe contained cocaine in the form of an extract of the coca leaf.”

It was reportedly an accepted and legal ingredient in medicines. In fact, Coca Cola was allegedly advertised to have medicinal value and cure headaches, upset stomach, and fatigue, according to the same report.