RIYADH: The UAE on Sunday categorically refuted claims made by a media outlet that it was supplying arms and ammunition to warring parties in Sudan.

The UAE has not supplied arms and ammunition to any of the warring parties in Sudan since the outbreak of the conflict in April 2023, and does not take sides in the conflict in the country, the director of strategic communications at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Afra Al-Hameli said.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, the UAE has called for de-escalation, a ceasefire, and the initiation of diplomatic dialogue through bilateral and multilateral meetings alongside its partners,” Al-Hameli added.

The UAE has consistently supported the political process and efforts to achieve national consensus toward forming a government, she said.

It will continue to support all efforts aimed at achieving security in Sudan and enhancing its stability and prosperity until a ceasefire is secured, Al-Hameli continued.

The Gulf country continues to monitor the humanitarian situation affecting the Sudanese people and its impact on neighboring countries, and seeks to provide all forms of support to alleviate humanitarian suffering, the official said.

Through operating air and sea bridges, the UAE has provided approximately 2,000 tons of medical aid, food, and relief materials for the most vulnerable groups including the sick, children, elderly, and women.

The UAE has also built a field hospital in the Chadian city of Amdjarass in July for those in need of medical care regardless of nationality, age, gender, or political association. The hospital has successfully treated 4,147 cases.

The UAE also recently inaugurated a coordination office for Emirati aid in the city.