RIYADH: Secretary-General of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi on Tuesday received the Director of Iraqi Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Zaid Hoshi Khalaf Wadi and his accompanying delegation in Riyadh.

During their meeting, they discussed issues of concern to Iraq and the coalition, and the latter’s role in coordinating and stepping up member nations’ efforts to combat terrorism, including in the fields of ideology, communications, counter-terrorist financing, and military.

Wadi and his delegation toured the coalition’s headquarters and were briefed on the latest developments in relation to the activities of global terror groups, and the Iraqi official praised the coalition’s working in fighting terrorism.

Al-Moghedi said that the coalition was an integrated system that aimed to strengthen cooperation among member states based on legitimacy, engagement, coordination, and autonomy, in line with international rules and regulations.

He added that terrorism was a scourge that must be combated by all countries and global organizations, aided by the latest methods.

He noted that the first step toward eradicating extremist violence was by confronting terrorists’ ideology while also cutting off their sources of funding.

Al-Moghedi pointed out that Iraq had suffered heavily at the hands of terrorist and extremist groups, but he lauded its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and hoped the Iraqi government would join the coalition in helping to defeat terrorism.