More than 2500kg of cocaine hidden in a refrigerated containers loaded with bananas from Ecuador stopped in Hamburg with final destination Helsingborg.

Maxi seizure in the port of Hamburg. Federal Police and Customs officials in the port of Hamburg recently made one of the port’s largest drug busts.

They discovered more than 2,5 tons of cocaine hidden in a refrigerate container arriving aboard a ship from Ecuador with final destination Helsingborg.

The police reported that the container had arrived aboard the container ship. After being offloaded in Vlissingen and Rotterdam, the container was being stored in a Hamburg Harbour’s container yard.

It had been scheduled to be transshipped to Helsingborg. German investigators reportedly received a confidential tip about the drug smuggling operation and began a thorough search of the container yard.

When they have found  the container this contained the cocaine was examined at the harbour’s customs office investigators told the  newspaper that they discovered more than 2500 packages of cocaine hidden in banana boxes coming from Ecuador.The customs officials said that this discovery was proof that the illegal narcotics business was continuing despite all the restrictions and control.

The police will further investigate the cargo and the route made by the vessel that left about a month ago from Ecuador to reach Germany and Helsigborg.

The refrigerated container contained as we said  maxi load of bananas that were supposed to hide more then 2500 kilos of drugs, allowing the illegal cargo to pass the controls and reach Helsingborg, then be sorted in the squares of drug dealing.