The United Arab Emirates fired two warning shots at the US by breaking off talks on the supply of F-35 stealth fighters and agreeing with France to acquire 80 Rafale F4 fighters.

Many consider open the possibility of a third strike on the US with the Russians coming to fill the F-35 gap with their own new fifth generation advanced, single-engine, multi-role stealth aircraftCheckmate.

The statements made by Sergei Chemezov, head of the Russian state-owned arms and equipment export company Rostec, regarding the presence of theCheckmateat the Dubai Air Show 2021, are causing concern to the Americans, as he said It is no coincidence that the first presentation of the new fifth-generation fighter on the international scene is taking place here, at the Dubai Air Show.

The Russians knew a month ago the course of the consultations between the UAE and the US and the obstacles to the implementation of the agreements, as the US is one thing with Trump and quite another with Biden, and they “beton a possibleruptureasit finally happened, reports the US Defense World.

The new advanced Russian 5th generation advanced fighter aircraftCheckmatewas first unveiled at the MAKS-2021 air show last summer, by the manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation.

There is a good reason why the Russians named itChekmateas, having learned from the Americanmastersthe game of communication, they want to emphasize to everyone that the new fighter will be the one that will completely change the game of war and will have a clear advantage over its competitors.

Sukhois single-engine aircraft will be equipped with up to five range-independent air-to-air missiles, and will still be capable of being equipped with a wide range of other new-generation missiles and bombs, such as the Su-57.

Its weapon systems will be located both inside and on its hard points and it will operate as part of a team of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft, while at its presentation, mock-ups of RVV-MD, RVV-SD and H-59MK missiles were placed next to it.

Its price ranges from $25 to $30 million per aircraft, making it one of the cheapest fighters in the world and could cause adisruptionin the global fighter industry if it works according to the expectations set by the Russians.

As for the engine, it seems that in the first stage it will be equipped with the AL-41F1 engine, amodified version of the engine used in the Su-35 fighters.

The fighters operating systems and equipment

Also, the design chief of the new stealth fighter had earlier emphasized that the Checkmate will be able to engage and attack six enemy targets in parallel, utilizing advanced avionics and the integrated AESA radar, while the Checkmate will still be able to track30 airborne targets and two land or naval targets simultaneously.

For the needs of the aircraft, the special automated logistic support systemMatreshkawas built, which will monitor the condition of the aircraft in real time throughout its life cycle, which will allow planning maintenance and repairs, significantly reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of maintenance work.

In terms of operating systems, the use of artificial intelligence is noteworthy, as it will assume the role of asecond pilot, since it will be able to support the pilot in a rapidly changing combat situation.

The launch of the Checkmate at the Dubai Air Show, when most arms manufacturers were wary of participating in international events because of the pandemic, surprised everyone.

So Moscowguessedcorrectly or, better still, “readcorrectly the demanding behaviour of the Americans.

In 2017, Moscow revealed that it was launching project with Abu Dhabi to co-produce a fifth-generation fighter, reportedly based on the MiG-29.

While this project did not come to fruition, talks continued between the two to co-produce a fighter aircraft.

The Su-75 Checkmate may have come at the right time to start Russian-UAE fighter aircraft cooperation.
In a message to international news organizations onTuesday, an unnamed Emirati official said the United Arab Emirates had broken off talks to buy the F-35 and thattechnical requirements, state operational constraints and cost-benefit analysis led to there assessment; in simple terms, the Americans wanted to ask for permission and even give an update on when the fighters would take off.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stillhopesfor an F-35 deal with the UAE.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said today that his country hopes to continue working to implement agreements to supply theUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) with F-35 fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

We remain ready to move forward if the UAE tries to acquire both,” he told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today during his visit to Malaysia.

However, Washington must be convinced that it is first and foremost guaranteeing Israelshigh-quality military superiorityand mustconduct a thorough analysis of any technologies sold or transferred to other partners in the region, including the UAE,he said.