Yemenis ranked third among Arab nationals who bought property in Turkiye last year, Yemen has reported.

Data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute on Tuesday showed that Yemeni passport holders bought 1,202 properties in Turkiye last year. Iraqis were ranked first, buying 6,241 properties, and Kuwaitis were second with 1,671 properties.

Overall, 67,490 properties were sold to foreign nationals in Turkiye in 2022, recording a 15.2 per cent increase when compared with 2021.

Among all foreign nationals, Russians ranked first, having bought 16,312 properties last year, followed by Iranians who bought 8,223. Iraqis ranked third among all non-Turks who bought property in the country in 2022.

A total of 1,485,622 properties were sold in Turkiye last year.