AMMAN: Saudi Arabia stands side by side with Iraq in preserving stability and sovereignty, and is committed to restoring the country’s historical status as a cradle of civilization, science and knowledge, Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Tuesday.

His comments came at the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership in Jordan, which gathered leaders from the Middle East and Europe to focus on bolstering security and stability in Iraq.

Prince Faisal, who led the Kingdom’s delegation at the conference, delivered a speech lauding the political will of Iraq and Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani in facing adversity, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The minister said that the Kingdom “rejects any aggressive measures” on Iraqi territory and is committed to fighting terrorism as well as extremism in the country.

He added that the Kingdom will “spare no effort” in supporting Iraq’s economic and developmental progress, saying that the country’s prosperity is “tied to the prosperity of the entire region.”

Prince Faisal said that the Kingdom is committed to developing a joint action plan under the auspices of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, as well as collaborating with the Iraqi government to promote investment opportunities in renewable and clean energy, water desalination and agriculture.

The two countries cooperate through OPEC and OPEC+ in an effort to keep global oil markets stable, he added.

Meanwhile, the foreign affairs minister said that the Kingdom’s Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives, as well as the Green Belt project in Iraq, remain important areas of cooperation in strengthening bilateral ties.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said that the conference’s second edition is taking place at a time when the region is facing security and political crises, as well as food, water, health and energy security challenges.

The Iraqi prime minister said that strengthening the bonds of partnership among attending countries through infrastructure interdependence, economic integration and mutual investment was a priority.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that the third edition of the conference will take place in Egypt next year.