Russia has finally admitted to running out of weapons and equipment to supply its troops in Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov recognized the weapons shortage months after media outlets reported suffering major blows in its invasion of Kyiv.

He said that the government is taking “vigorous measures” to address the problem, such as creating a newly-formed council tasked to oversee the weapons supply to Russian soldiers.

He added that regional authorities are working on providing the “missing gear” with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov.

Peskov claimed that measures being taken by Moscow are already yielding the first positive results.

Sanctions Biting

Earlier this year, a US defense official claimed that the international sanctions imposed on Russia are impacting its arms industry.

Moscow has reportedly been struggling to replace guided missiles used in Ukraine because of an embargo on electronic components.

A report by Politico also stated that Russia has a limited number of hypersonic weapons due to a scarcity of microchips.

“Because of sanctions imposed on Russia, the deliveries of this high-tech microchip equipment have stopped, and they have no way of replenishing these stocks,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said.