Your Instagram profile, as you all know, is very important as it can determine many things in your life: from professional to personal.

And if there is one island that is ideal for such Instagram captures, it is Mykonos, which has all those spots that will impress your followers and attract people to your profile and become recipients of proposals from personal to professional level. We asked the most successful concierge in Mykonos, the man who is in daily contact with some of the richest people on the planet who want to visit the island, to give us information about the places that will skyrocket your Instagram profile.

And his recommendation was for these five top locations on the island for photography:

1. Chora alleys

Almost every corner of Chora is a backdrop for stunning photographs. This is mainly due to the excellent lighting, which makes sense given that the entire island consists of white streets and houses. Mykonos has the most sunny days all year round compared to any other location in Greece.

The triangle of Mykonos-Dilos-Tinos is known since antiquity as the brightest spot not only in Greece, but also in the known world.

2. Little Venice

One place to visit is Little Venice, the most famous tourist attraction of the island. Its popularity cannot be compared to any other place on the island. You will need to get there early before the cruise ships bring thewaveof tourists.

Allow plenty of time to take impressive pictures, so arriving before 10am will bring the best results.

Since the sun will be lower in the sky, there will be more lighting to help create the perfect photo for Instagram.

3. Windmills

While you’re already in Little Venice, take the opportunity to add some windmills to your profile! Yes, you heard right windmills. In the 16th century, the Venetians built the first windmills in Mykonos that attracted thousands of people.

4. Villages filled with bougainvillea

Almost all the houses on the island have blue doors, which is a wonderful setting in itself. And when you add lovely bougainvillea with their vibrant pink flowers, theres no way a picture can go wrong.

The bougainvillea blooms twice a year and thrives in dry climates that have mild winters and warm summers making Mykonos the ideal place for it to bloom. Its pink flowers seem to bloom on the island as early as May. No matter what you wear, the colours of this lovely flower make for a great shot.

5. Platys Gialos

Instagrammers love Platys Gialos beach on the south coast of Mykonos. For the best panoramic view, stand on the cape on the west side of the beach and press the photo button! The result will surely reward you!

Thats all… happy photoshooting!