The Indian Army has awarded state-owned Bharat Electronics Limited an estimated $50 million contract for six Weapon Locating Radars optimized for high altitude.

The Radar House Electronics and Radar Development Establishment-developed Swathi Mark II can rapidly locate a range of weapons from a distance of 60 to 80 kilometers (37 to 50 miles).

The army ordered a lighter version of the Swathi after using it in the higher altitudes along the China border. Thirty Swathis are deployed along the border and 12 more were ordered last month.

Lighter, Greater Range

The Mark II is mounted on a 6×6 truck compared to the larger 8×8 vehicle necessary for the previous version, allowing for quicker deployment. The new version also has an added range of 10 to 30 kilometers (6 to 19 miles).

The Mark II can locate “enemy weapons from around and transmit the data of the required target to the counter fire elements for retaliatory strike before the target is redeployed,” The Indian Express quoted a Bharat Electronics official as saying.

The radar’s “advanced” algorithm enables it to detect, locate, and track multiple low-visibility projectiles such as hostile guns, mortars, and rocket launchers fired simultaneously from multiple locations.

Bharat Electronics expects additional army orders for the Mark II.