Israel will seek US President Joe Biden’s permission to sell the Iron Beam defence system to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, i24 News reported yesterday.

The news website reported that Israel wanted to sell its laser defence technology to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but it is waiting for Biden’s visit to ask him to okay the measure.

The Iron Beam is Israel’s newest defence system and it has been hailed as a far less costly way of shooting down drones and rockets compared to the Iron Dome.

“This sends a message to Tehran that the [Israeli-Arab] alliance is serious and growing,” i24 News’ senior US correspondent Mike Wagenheim said.

He added: “The Iranians are going to have to think twice or maybe three times before they make their next move.”

The laser defence technology was designed and manufactured by Israeli defence contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and was unveiled at the Singapore Airshow on 11 February 2014.