The government of Israel has confirmed that it is part of a regional military partnership focused on addressing Iranian threats.

The move is Jerusalem’s effort to bolster its defense ties with Arab nations and recalibrate Middle Eastern alliances.

Beyond the US, the other countries involved in the Middle East Air Defense Alliance (MEADA) have yet to be revealed.

Other Middle Eastern nations have also remained silent about their alleged involvement in the new alliance.

“This program is already operative and has already enabled the successful interception of Iranian attempts to attack Israel and other countries,” Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said in his Monday speech.

All members of the regional alliance are now reportedly working with the US to address potential Iranian strikes using its high-powered missiles, rockets, and drones.

Iranian Attacks ‘Thwarted’

Israeli officials claim that they have seen an increase in the use of Iranian drones to attack or threaten nearby adversaries.

Gantz revealed that the MEADA has already thwarted several Iranian attacks, which allegedly include last year’s downing of Iranian drones with F-35 fighters.

Defense sources told Breaking Defense that the coalition used real-time intelligence from outside Israel to detect and track the movement of Tehran’s unmanned systems.

“The interception of the UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) was carried out prior to them entering Israeli airspace, in coordination with neighboring countries,” the Israel military said in March.

‘Responding to Harm’

Speaking at the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Gantz assured that the alliance would have the full support of US President Joe Biden.

He said he has already directed the defense establishment to prepare a robust response to increasing Iranian threats.

“We have a variety of options at our disposal, and we will respond to any harm directed at the citizens of Israeli, at the time and place of our choosing,” Gantz said.