Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has repeated his warning to Iran about its agents targeting Israelis in Turkiye. Gantz made this point during a briefing with Israeli parliamentarians in the Knesset’s Defence and Foreign Affairs Committee.

Israel, he said, is ready to retaliate to any Iranian attack immediately and powerfully anywhere in the world. He also revealed that Israel is part of a regional military alliance that has been formed in cooperation with the US and which has already thwarted Iranian attacks on Israel. The former chief of staff said that he hopes to see this alliance expand following US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia next month, reported the Times of Israel.

“I have been leading for the past year together with my colleagues at the Pentagon and the [Biden] administration an extensive programme to strengthen cooperation between Israel and the countries of the region,” Gantz pointed out. The alliance is under American leadership and US Central Command (CENTCOM). “I hope [this alliance] will take another step forward in President Biden’s important visit to the Middle East.”

The minister added that part of that vision is Middle East Air Defence (MEAD). “We are building this up amid Iran’s attempts to hit the region’s countries with rockets, cruise missiles and [drones].” The plan, he said, has been put into action. “It has already thwarted Iranian attempts to challenge Israel and other countries in the Middle East.”