Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a multi-mission sensor system that performs counter-rocket, artillery, mortar, air, and ground surveillance.

The Green Lotus features a “unique” array of active and passive sensors to enhance the situational awareness and countermeasures efficiency of stationary and mobile troops.

The force protection tool employs artificial intelligence, improving the detection, tracking, and identification of targets with low radar signatures, such as mortars, rockets, artillery shells, small drones, and aircraft.

Provides 360-Degree Coverage

“The multi-sensor data is collected and processed within the system’s unified command and control console, which employs artificial intelligence to enhance detection, classification, and identification capabilities,” the company stated.

“The combined data provides users with a clear and comprehensive situational awareness picture and seamlessly integrates with countermeasures systems, facilitating highly effective target acquisition and discretion.”

The radar’s sensors are grouped “on a uniquely designed structure,” sharing “power, communication buses, and cooling,” to provide 360-degree coverage. Moreover, the radar’s modular architecture allows for customer-specific configuration.