The Royal Navy demonstrated the capabilities of its Type 25 destroyer HMS Defender during Exercise Baltic Operations 22 in the Baltic Sea.

In a Twitter video, the billion-pound warship showed off its Mk 8 naval gun and Phalanx miniguns.

The gun reportedly fired 35 rounds continuously in one minute and 31 seconds.

“Our Phalanx close-in weapon system provides the final inner layer air defence, but also has a formidable anti-surface mode,” the post stated.

The Royal Navy demonstration shows the country’s “resolve and commitment” to maritime security.

Apart from the HMS Defender, British vessels HMS Archer, Exploit, Ranger, Charger, and Smiter participated in the drill.

HMS Defender

The flagship of Task Force Six Four (CTF 64), the HMS Defender features state-of-the-art sensors and Sea Viper missiles capable of countering naval and aerial threats.

With a top speed of 30 knots (55 kilometers/34 miles per hour), the destroyer can neutralize moving targets in the sky from up to 70 miles (112 kilometers) away.

It carries two 30-millimeter medium-caliber guns, a surface-to-air missile system, and a Lynx MK8 helicopter weapons system.

Additionally, the HMS Defender is equipped with Sampson long-range radar, providing mid-course guidance, simultaneously detecting and tracking multiple targets.

Aside from defending against aerial assault, the warship can hunt enemy submarines or provide humanitarian aid.