The Biden administration has suspended assistance to Sudan, including its assistance related to the normalisation deal with Israel, reported the Times of Israel.

“The United States is not moving forward at this time with assistance originally committed to Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government in connection with its efforts to improve Sudan’s bilateral relationship with Israel,” a State Department spokesman said in an email on Friday in response to a query. “This includes wheat shipments and certain development and trade and investment assistance.”

General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan led a military coup on 25 October that ended a partnership between the army and civilian parties which was meant to lead to democratic elections. Months of protests have ensued coupled with Western condemnation.

US officials have warned they are looking into options to respond to the killing of at least 79 protesters, according to a toll by medics, and moves to impede the civilian-led government.

The spokesman noted the Biden administration expected Israel to join in the call for a return to a democratically elected government.

“Any moves made in this regard by Sudan’s military leaders would not enjoy credibility with the Sudanese people,” he said. “We strongly encourage the State of Israel to join us and the broader international community in vocally pressing for Sudan’s military leaders to cede power to a credible civilian-led transitional government.”

“As for the Abraham Accords, as we’ve said, they are a positive development that have had clear benefits for Israel and the region,” he added. “The United States will continue to look for opportunities to engage with Israel and other countries to normalise relations and expand cooperation.”

In 2020, Sudan signed a US-sponsored agreement to normalise relations with Israel, along with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Morocco.

In February 2020, Al-Burhan met with then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Uganda.

In April 2021, the Sudanese Cabinet passed a law to abolish a 1958 law of the boycott of Israel.