A member of the Libyan Joint Military Committee (JMC) 5+5, Lieutenant General Faraj Al-Sawa confirmed yesterday that Turkey has accepted his countrys request to withdraw the mercenaries and foreign fighters it has deployed in Libya, on conditionthat all foreign forces withdraw simultaneously.

He told the Russian news agency, During these talks, the Libyan Joint Military Committee (JMC) 5+5 addressed the Turkish side asking for the necessary withdrawal of its mercenaries, in accordance with the plan we have set out to achieve national sovereignty of Libya. “

The senior official noted that the Libyan Joint Military Committee (JMC) 5+5 will also pay a visit to Moscow to discuss the same initiative, as stipulated in the UN Security Council resolutions, regarding the withdrawal of the mercenaries, provided that the process is monitored by international and Libyan observers.

In addition, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borel, yesterday called on Turkey to leave Libya as part of a solution to the crisis in the country, in conjunction with the efforts of the Libyan and international parties to remove thousands of mercenaries and foreign fighters.

As the Russian news agency Sputnik reported, Borel, during the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum held in Rome, said that There are many interfering and external powers in Libya, such as Turkey, and they must leave the country as part of the solution to the crisis. in Libya. He added: “At the moment, elections must be held in Libya before there can be a legitimate government. Without elections the situation will be a big question mark. We are ready to send a mission [of representatives] to monitor the smooth conduct of the upcoming elections. “