RIYADH: Decisions made at ongoing Yemen peace talks sponsored by the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh are for Yemenis to make and will be supported, the council’s ambassador to the crisis-stricken country said on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference, Sarhan Al-Minaikher said the bloc “will support all decisions that Yemenis agree on” and that the talks are giving Yemenis a platform for dialogue.

He said that although participants were still discussing obstacles and had not reached the solution-forming stage, they agreed on strengthening state institutions.

The GCC envoy added that the peace talks are not a substitute for UN negotiations and do not aim to pressurize. Instead, they aim to establish dialogue between Yemenis.

Al-Minaikher said the talks also aim to include all Yemeni parties and the door remains open for any party to join.

“We stand by the Yemenis in resolving the current crisis and we aim to establish security, safety, and stability in the country,” Al-Minaikher said.