Libyas interim Prime Minister and Muslim Brotherhood (and therefore pro-Turkish) official Abdul Hamid Dbayba submitted his candidacy for the December presidential elections on Sunday, although he had pledged not to run when he took office.

Ankara, seeing that it is not succeeding in its aim to cancel the elections in Libya, is playing itslast cardwhich is to ensure the election as president of Libya of a pro-Turkish politician with whom it will ensure the perpetual validity of the Libyan memorandum.

Dbeibas candidacy may be rejected, based on the disputed electoral law, or at least it would be if Libya were a normal country (but it is not at the moment).

The elections are scheduled for 24 of December, but the rules under which they will be held have not yet been agreed.

At the moment there is a serious problem in Libya as the Turkish forces with which the pro-Turkish coalition managed not to lose the Libyan civil war are still on its territory, thus giving a strategic victory to Ankara.

It is worth noting that Libyan strategic analyst Mohamed al-Tarhouni believes that Turkey considers that its influence in the western region of Libya has made it itsfiefdom, especially because there is military equipment installed in Tripoli, while in turn al-Kilani, a Libyan political analyst, calling for the application of the principle of reciprocity with Ankara said:

If the Turkish forces are not foreign, then the Libyans have the right to demand that Ankara open its military bases to be manned by Libyan officers trained in the best military colleges in the Arab world, such as those who studied in Egypt. “

Al Tarhouni said that Ankara does not want elections to be held because it considers that it will be the end of its presence in the country, especially since the Libyan people have called the Muslim Brotherhoodthe arm of Ankara, with which it wants to maintain its expansionist policy in the region.

He stressed that Libya is the last country remaining in the Muslim Brotherhoods plan led by Turkey.

Interim Prime Minister Hamid Dbeiba is the last hope of the Turks to secure control of Libya for sure.

The Turkish-Colombian memorandum has been filed at the UN because the Greek government did not react in time.

Right now, to cancel it, this can only be done by replacing it with a new agreement by a new Greek-friendly government.