The threat to the security of the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine was the only element, as had recorded in an article by its editor A. V.Gkouriotis, that could have been the reason for directRussian intervention in Ukraine, and this is what happened in the end: Kiev, considering that the reason for the secession of Lugansk and Donetsk was the existence of Russian-speaking populations, had launched a progrom against them. In statement, Putin confirmed the reason for theRussian intervention.

Even today, two Ukrainian Su-24 fighter jets headed to bomb civilian areas in Lugansk, but were shot down byRussian air defence!

The aircraft were shot down near the settlements of Smeloe and Stepovoye. Indeed, Putin did not stop trying tocorrect NATOs mistake of unbridled and uncritical expansion to the East.

Also, as announced by the Lugansk PeoplesRepublic, two more Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 aircraft were shot down near the town of Shiastia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also announced one dead from Russian bombing.

According to the statement, the dead man was recorded in the town of Brovary in the Greater Kyiv area and at least one person was injured in the same area.

For their part, the Russian separatists claim to have gained control of two cities in Lugansk province, according to RIA.

This information was confirmed shortly afterwards by the Ukrainian police, who confirmed the occupation of two villages in the Lugansk region.

Putin: “The pain of the people of Donbass pushed us

It was thepain of the people of Donbassthat prompted Russia to recognise the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics, Russian PresidentVladimir Putin said in a speech.

It is impossible to see what is happening there without compassion. It was simply impossible to bear all this, it was necessary to immediately stop this nightmare, this genocide against millions of people who live there, whorely only on Russia, who hope only in us,Vladimir Putin said.

It was these aspirations, these feelings and the painof the people that became the main motivation forus totake decisions on the recognition of theindependence of the Donbass Peoples Republics,the Russianpresident stressed.