In an interview with the Turkish newspaperDaily Sabah, the US Ambassador to Turkey, Jeffry Flake, revealed that the Biden administration is doing everything in its power to ensure that Ankara receives 40 new F-16 Vipers and to modernize 80 older ones to the same level.

Specifically, the excerpt from the English version of Sabah says: Evaluating the talks between the two countries on the modernization of F-16s and the purchase of new F-16s, Flake said: ‘Negotiations on the F-16s are going well. As a matter of fact, there was a delegation here just last week, just like the delegation in December to support the preparation of the so-calledLoRrequest letter. The talks are going well. But this is a long, complicated and very technical process. So were working on it. We see Turkeys request as a positive development and the Biden administration is determined to support the process. “””

In fact, anyone who sees the word Flake used for Biden isdetermined, meaning he is determined to meet the Turkish request.

This for those who argued that N. Trump was a Turkophile and Biden would be. . . greekophile.

If instead of the Trump administration we had a Biden administration in the last four years, we doubt that Turkey would have been expelled from the F-35 project, which it would have received by now.

Were very curious today to see what the Greek channels that are praising the Biden administration even if theres a change of decor in the White House, what theyre going to say today.