RIYADH: King Salman received a call from US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The leaders discussed the need to strengthen cooperation and achieve stability in the region.

The actions of Yemen’s Houthi militia against civilian targets in the Kingdom was also on the agenda.

The king praised the US’ commitment to supporting the Kingdom in its defense of its land and citizens.

On Jan. 17, a drone-and-missile attack by the Iran-backed terror militia hit an Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. fuel depot, killing three people and wounding six others.

The militia often target the southern provinces of the Kingdom with drone and missile attacks, which are destroyed by Saudi air forces, often without causing much damage.

King Salman also said Saudi Arabia supports US efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Talks on reviving the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement, which collapsed in 2018, restarted this week as Iran announced a new missile with a range of 1,450 kilometers.

The pair also discussed the need to strengthen mutual security cooperation to confront terrorism and its financing.

The king stressed the importance of maintaining balance and stability in the oil markets, and the role of the historic OPEC+ agreement and the need to maintain it.