A Turkish frigate and a Lebanese navy vessel conducted a joint naval exercise as part of the ongoing Turkish approach towards Lebanon with the aim of demarcating the EEZ between the two countries.

Our frigate TCG FATIH conducted joint training with the Lebanese Navys LNS SOUR in the Eastern Mediterranean,” the Turkish Defence Ministry said.

The Turkish approach towards Lebanon is steady and continuous.

Recently, an article by Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu was published in the widely circulated Lebanese newspaper El-Cumhuriye, which addresses the Lebanese people in the form of a proclamation stating:

There are many hopes behind the despair, there are many suns behind the darkness, we are with you, Livaneh,” Cavusoglu said, among others, to continue:

Turkey was the first country to come to the aid of our Lebanese brothers in the devastating explosion last August. Our assistance in Lebanon continues with the contributions of our state institutions and humanitarian aid associations.

As part of our business and humanitarian foreign policy, we will continue to offer all our opportunities and capabilities to our Lebanese brothers and sisters. Lebanon will emerge stronger from the crisis it has gone through. Turkey will continue to do its part for the well-being of its friendly and brotherly people. “

Turkey, being isolated in the region, is trying to find a foothold in the region, which is why theattackof fraternity and friendship in Lebanon,

Turkey also knows that France has too many bases and interests in Lebanon. Israel, for its part, encounters problems in settling its EEZ with Lebanon, while Lebanons EEZ borders that of Cyprus.

Therefore, it is very likely that Erdogan envisions an EEZ agreement with Lebanon on the model of the Turkish-Lebanese pact in order to serve his plans in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Besides, it is trying to create its ownliving space, its own alliance led by Turkey with countries like Libya, Palestine and now Lebanon.