Like many countries, the great Indian regional power is seeking to gain independence in all weapon systems by investing in indigenous designs.

The Indian Air Force has announced that it has approved the complete design review of the indigenously designed and developed Tejas Mk. 2 fighter aircraft and now the prototype can be completed and testing can begin.

The Tejas development programme started in 1983 and its first flight took place in 2001. The Tejas Mk. 2 is an evolution of the Tejas, is considered a 4. 5 generation fighter aircraft and is expected to enter production in 2023.

Compared to the Tejas Mk. 1, it will incorporate an increased percentage of Indian-origin systems (70% vs. 62%), have shorter armament suspension times, an increased level of battlefield survivability, a better electronic warfare system and better AESA radar technology. It will incorporate Canard wings, will be capable of carrying 6,500 kg of armament (including SCALP-EG and SPICE-2000) and will incorporate the most powerful General Electric F414 engines.