Americans allegedly shot down several Russian military drones in Syria and Ukraine, while others were shot downwith unknown weapons, according to a Russian publication.

The reference is to reconnaissance drones and drones of the Lancet family, described askamikazedrones, which were used in Syria.

According to the (Chinese) online briefing ofSohu”, in recent years, US Army specialists have managed to bring down at least 20 different drones some of them in Syria, while another part was in Donbass eastern Ukraine.

Reports indicate that NATO special units were involved in thecaptureof Russian drones. This shows that the Russian UAVs were neutralised by American orders.

In 2014, NATO conducted a series of covert operations on the territory of Ukraine and Syria.

The US Special Operations Forces, the Commandos of the British Royal Marines and the Special Forces of the British Royal Air Force have formed several working groups to receive secret samples of Russian high-tech designs, especially UAVs.

According to reports, at least 20 fighter drones of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were captured in 3-4 years: 9 in Syria and 11 in the eastern part of Ukraine.

At least three agencies in the United States examined the samples, then analyzed the sources of their components, traced the supply chain of Russian technologies, and then suppressed them.

It turned out that all the Russian drone projects started with an extremely simple goal to obtain Western components from civilian projects and then gradually evolved into military models,” the publishedSohu” text says.

According to the data provided by the journalists, the American military and the military of NATO countries managed to capture Russian dronesOrlan-10″,Zastava,Granat,Eleronand even the droneOutpost.