According to the Türkiye newspaper, the negotiations between Turkey and Syria, which began in Jordan-Aqaba with the participation of intermediary countries, are continuing.

Contacts between the two countries are taking place at the level of Intelligence and Military officials, the Balkan Periscope reports.

According to Yilmaz Bilgen of Türkiye, the meetings included a joint operation against the Kurdish YPG/PKK rebels, the reconstruction of Aleppo and the return of refugees.

Priority in Aleppo

It was mentioned that the priority issue on the agenda of the meetings was Aleppo. On the subject, the sources said:

Aleppo is vital for Ankara. In all the talks with Russia, Iran and the Syrian state, we have a plan to normalise the entire infrastructure and superstructure of Aleppo, which was almost completely destroyed. This can be done with the support of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The aim is to make the Aleppo Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), the largest industrial center in the Middle East, operational. “

Turkeys request

The Turkish sides security demand is that the militia groups linked to Iran, the PKK terrorist organisation and Assads Shabiha fighters leave the region.

An independent, international observer force, including Turkey, to be established in Aleppo.

The information we have received from official sources is that Russias approach to the project is positive, while Iran is expressing reservations and challenging conditions. “

Positive response from Damascus

During the Ankara-Damascus negotiation process, the Syrian state expressed a positive opinion on the joint operation against Kurdish separatists.

Damascuscondition is to continue the operation later on east of the Euphrates in Idlib. The Assad government accepts that the Adana Consensus should be taken as a basis against Turkeys fear of terrorism and that its operational rights are reserved.

The issue of the US presence in the region was also raised so that it could be ended.

The M4 and M5 motorways to be opened

The reintegration of the M4 and M5 motorways is also on the table where mutual demands are being negotiated.

The Damascus administration wishes to open the Latakia-Kesep border gate and start reciprocal commercial and civil crossings in parallel with the progress achieved. Russia, on the other hand, demanded the opening of the Kamishli-Nusaybin gate with the Knesset.