Twitter posts from the burning Russian cruiserMoskvajust before it sank.

The photos show the tilt the Russian flagship had taken in the Black Sea before it finally sank.

The Moskva, which took part in all Russian campaigns in the 21st century, was hit, according to the Ukrainians, by two Neptune cruise missiles that caused such damage and fire that it was able to send it to the bottom a few days ago.

The photos are authentic as they come from the tugboat that rushed to help.

This is the Class 22870 rescue tug SB742. This ship is part of the 145th Rescue Ship Squadron of the Black Sea Fleet, 1st Group.

The first analysis shows fire aft amidships between the rear of the main P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship missiles (SS-N-12 SANDBOX) and forward of the S-300F air defense missiles (SA-N-6 GRUMBLE). It is also close to the engines.

There appears to be a fault that is causing water to flow in under where the fire is.

The missile hit the base of the ships superstructure bow. This was probably followed by an explosion of the anti-submarine warfare units (RBU-6000), which were below the waterline.

We cannot be sure at this point, but it was probably followed by a catastrophic explosion of either anti-ship or air defence missiles.

The lifeboats on the side of the helicopters undercarriage are missing. This indicates that the crew has already left the ship at this point. The photo was taken in the morning, so the situation on board was much worse in the evening.

Where the fire is, there are also 2 AK-630 30mm guns for point defense along with significant ammunition. This does not mean that it can be the main cause.

It is possible that the helicopter remained on board.

Numerous black spots on the ship indicate an internal fire in the ships compartments.

The SAM radars have collapsed, indicating that the metal supports have given way from the fire.

The cruiser looks abandoned. There are no other rescue ships, only a tugboat close to the ship, although the time of day and the weather are favourable. Apparently, at the time the photo was taken, the ship had already been abandoned by the crew.

It is worth noting that a sailors mothers testimony has been released that refers to serious injuries to crew members with amputations from explosions. According to the same testimony, about half of the crew has either been killed or is in a serious condition in hospital.