Indias Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was present and participated in the inauguration ceremony of a new BrahMos missile manufacturing plant in Lucknow.

The new plant, which is expected to be ready in 2024-2025, will allow an increase in annual production by 80-100 missiles. The factory site (indoor and outdoor) occupies an area of 80 hectares.

BrahMos is the product of a collaboration between India and Russia. It is a missile capable of performing a multitude of missions as it is launched from naval, air, submarine and land platforms. It can cover distances from 290 to 400 kilometres, depending on the version.

During flight, the missile performs an inertial trajectory, via an inertial system, while in the terminal phase the missile dives, maintaining a low flight profile above the sea surface (up to 5 metres), and is assisted either by a satellite navigation system or by a TERCOM topographic target recognition system loaded on its warhead.