The Russian attack UAVOkhotnikdestroyed its first target as the unmanned aerial vehicle was used for the first time in a strike mission.

A 500 kg bomb was used, which hit the target and literally destroyed it, leaving no room for the enemy to react, as reports.

In the report of the TV programVesti Nedeliyou can see the moment of the strike by the Russian S-70 “Okhotnikdrone.

The 500 kg bomb located in the inner fuselage compartment provided the drone with the opportunity to enter the impact zone invisibly and then the bomb hit the target precisely, hitting the centre of the target.

Judging from the videos shown, the tests of the newest Russian drone S-70 “Okhotnikwere carried out several weeks ago. At the same time, it appears that in addition to bombing and strike missions, missile launch tests were also carried out, although no details of these tests are given.

Given the successful testing of the advanced Russian drone in a strike mission, it is likely to start being delivered to Russian units in the near future.

The US was particularly concerned by this test.

It should be noted that as defencenet. gr revealed few days ago, the second prototype of the Okhotnik unmanned aircraft was presented in the presence oft he Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia, where the flat nozzle engine stands out, which helps to obtainstealthcharacteristics.

The Russians achieve reduced observability for the drone and the chances of detection, due to its small heat signature, by enemy radars which means it will be highly effective in the field.

The Okhotnik will operate in escort with the Russian 5th generation Su-57 Felon fighters and its tests will be completed in 2022, with deliveries starting immediately.

The Okhotnik has a maximum take-off weight of 20 tonnes and can reach a maximum speed of about1,000 kilometres per hour.

The Su-57s will have up to 4 Okhotnik as escorts, controlled and coordinated by the pilot.

This capability will give the Russian Air Force enormous capabilities with which it will achieve unique strike capabilities even against advanced AirForces and air forces.