The news of Silvio Berlusconis death was a shock. My political father, it was he, in 2000, who made me enter the world of Forza Italia entrusting me with Greece; then in 2006 he was the leader in the lists of Forza Italia in the parliamentary elections; in 2010 he appointed me with a DPCM President of the Italian Mountain Authority”. This is how Massimo Romagnoli, president of the Freedom Movement and Cgie councillor, remembers the founder and leader of Forza Italia, who died yesterday at the age of 86.

“It was him again, in 2018, upon my return from the United States as rehabilitated, to call me at Palazzo Grazioli to find out how I was doing and what plans I had for the future,” Romagnoli continues. “Then there were meetings, in one of which, the last one, in 2022, we had an exchange of views and I told him that my discomfort towards those who saw Italians abroad as a burden pushed me, despite my great regret and regret, to leave the group for good but that I would remain his faithful friend”.

“My last words were clear: I don’t want to use politics, I want to serve it; he then shook my hand, embracing me. Youre an honest and brave man, he told me. Words that filled me with pride, then, allowing me to come out with my head held high from the political and responsibility component today. Today, in fact, I feel even stronger the obligation to be faithful to that promise, also because you, “doctor, concludes Romagnoli leave us an important piece of history of our country.