EU leaders unanimously vote to extend sanctions against Russia. This was stated by EuropeanCouncilPresident Charles Michel after the Brussels summit.

EU leaders unanimously agreed to extend economicsanctions against Russia,” he tweeted.

He also stressed that EU leaders call on Moscowtostart implementing the Minsk agreements.

EU economic sanctions were imposed on Russiaseven years ago. They represent restrictions in thefinancial, energy and defence sectors, including theimport and export of arms, as well as access to oilproduction andexploration services.

The restrictions were initially introduced in 2014 fora period of one year, but in 2015 it was decided toextendthe sanctions. Currently, the restrictions areextended every six months, assessing theimplementation of theMinsk agreements.

In response, Russia has repeatedly stated thatsanctions are not effective, while working to expandthedomestic market, stimulating importsubstitution.

Moscow stresses that it is not a party to the conflictin Ukraine and not a subject of the Minsksettlementagreements.