On Sunday, March 12, the United Arab Emirates announced that it intends to stop buying defence systems from Israel, following actions and statements by Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, and Israeli Minister of Finance, Zelel Smotrich, Arabic reports said.

For this, UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed said:

We will not be able to do common issues until we are sure that Prime Minister Netanyahu has a government that controls it. ”

Indeed, the Jewish Channel 12 revealed that the UAE had decided to freeze the agreements it had concluded with Israel and that it was the UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed who decided to stop these agreements, including the purchase of defence systems.

According to the channel, bin Zayed sent a message to Israeli officials and the Israeli media stating that the UAE had frozen a deal to buy Israeli systems because of Israels behavior in recent months and Netanyahus lack of control over his government.