DUBAI: Solutions to overcome the world’s greatest challenges such as tools and technologies that support scientific advancements, economic growth, government work and social development were unveiled in a new report released during the World Government Summit 2023.

On Tuesday, the Dubai Future Foundation launched its report, titled “The Future Opportunities Report: The Global 50” on the 50 most promising opportunities for governments, societies and individuals in the future. The report highlights opportunities across various sectors, as well as 10 global megatrends.

“The UAE believes in the ability of societies to design the future and harness its opportunities,” said Mohammed Abdullah Al-Gergawi, the UAE’s minister of cabinet affairs, WGS’s chairman and DFF’s managing director.

“The world is witnessing a continuous race against changes that are measured in hours and days, and we have to deal with rapid developments as countries, cities and societies.”

The primary task of governments today is to anticipate the occurrence of major transformations, to anticipate the opportunities they bring, and to reduce the risks associated with them, according to Al-Gergawi.

“In order to live the future that we want to see, we must be prepared to tackle its challenges and start shaping it today,” he continued.

The report highlights 50 promising opportunities that provide an accessible framework to encourage thoughtful reflection about the future: a navigation tool in an era of quantum shifts. WGS’s chairman added: “We hope that such efforts will enhance the ability of societies to identify future scenarios and continue to explore new opportunities. These include changes in education systems, increased reliance on robotics, innovative agriculture, the provision of unlimited energy, new materials and energy storage in space.”

Al-Gergawi concluded: “We occasionally need to re-evaluate what we have achieved and adjust our course when we identify a better potential future by learning from the past and seizing new opportunities.”

The report is part of DFF’s work to enable decision-makers, entrepreneurs, experts and legislators to stay abreast of global trends to help them keep pace.

The Global 50 report was created alongside 30 international experts and several of DFF’s partners from the government entities, private and academic sectors. The report offers inspirations and insights across 5 categories, including “Health Reimagined,” “Enhanced Collaboration,” “Nature Restored,” “Societies Empowered”and “Transformational Opportunities.”