Lockheed Martin has announced the successful firing of its Spike NLOS (Non Line-of-Sight) missile from the Apache Echo Model V6 helicopter.

The demonstration was performed by the company’s Precision Strike team at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

During the trial, the chopper launched two Spike missiles toward a stationary target in two different scenarios.

Lockheed stated that the live-fire test verified the weapon’s suitability with the Apache platform and allowed the missiles to enter qualification testing.

“The successful integration of Spike NLOS on the Apache platform demonstrates Lockheed Martin’s continued commitment to 21st century security solutions that help our customers complete their missions,” program manager Tom Bargnesi said.

The Spike NLOS missile will undergo another test to qualify for airworthiness release and soon be deployed by the US Army.

Once all tests are complete, the Apache-mounted weapon system will enter service by September 2024.

‘Staying Ahead of Ready’

Lockheed Martin’s Spike NLOS is an electro-optical/infrared missile system capable of hitting targets up to 32 kilometers (19.8 miles) away.

It has an advanced rocket motor and state-of-the-art components to strike distant or geographically concealed targets.

The weapon is designed to be versatile, as it can be integrated into various land, air, and maritime platforms.

Additionally, the Spike NLOS has a wireless data link that provides operators with man-in-the-loop control for altering course or aborting a strike after being launched.

According to the company, integrating the missile into the Apache helicopters highlights the system’s continuing expansion to ensure that the US Army “stays ahead of ready in an ever-evolving threat environment.”