Apart from wanting to avoid the creation of aKurdish state and seeking the formation of Turkmen state in Northern Syria, Ankara has another reason to achieve this goal, as it has discovered oil on the Turkish-Syrian border.

It is not known what quantities of oil the Turks hope to have identified, but if there are serious deposits, then they are certainly not limited to the Turkish side of the border but extend into Northern Syria.

The Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO) announced that 35 days of drilling operations have been carriedoutto discover oil at a depth of 1310 meters in theGouniurdou-1 well on the Turkish-Syrian border.

According to Turkish reports, the well is located 32km east of the town of Nusaybin in Mardin and 3. 5km fromthe Syrian border.

Oil exploration work continues in the area with the drilling of new wells.

We discovered heavy oil with an API of 11. 8. Turkeyis strong in national energy!” the TPAO announced.