Naval forces from the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia have completed a weeklong maritime security exercise in the Arabian Gulf, reinforcing military-to-military interoperability between the three nations.

This year’s training event, called Nautical Defender, featured various naval drills, including vessel boarding procedures and explosive ordinance disposal.

The US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) joined the British Royal Navy and Royal Saudi Navy’s Eastern fleet during the drill. The event also gathered personnel from the US Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.

Participating forces fielded various assets, including the American Arleigh-Burke class guided-missile destroyer USS Delbert D. Black and Avenger-class mine countermeasures ship USS Devastator.

Two of US Coast Guard Sentinel-class fast response cutters, Charles Moulthrope and Robert Goldman, also contributed.

The annual exercise was overseen by observers from several allied nations in the region.