Several Russian soldiers have slammed their generals over an “incomprehensible battle” in Ukraine that saw Moscow sustain heavy losses in just a week of fighting.

Servicemen from the 155th Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet Marines aired their complaints on Monday through an open letter published on a popular Russian military blog.

They sarcastically claimed that their “great” commanders “carefully” plotted an offensive against Kyiv, which resulted in Moscow losing around 300 soldiers.

Some Russian troops on the frontline have also gone missing because of intense fighting in eastern Ukraine.

“Once again, we were thrown into an incomprehensible battle by General Muradov and his brother-in-law, his countryman Akhmedov, so that Muradov could earn bonuses to make him look good in the eyes of Gerasimov (Russia’s Chief of the General Staff),” Russian soldiers said.

‘Hiding’ the Truth

Apart from criticizing their generals, the Russian soldiers who authored the open letter have accused authorities of “hiding” the actual number of casualties in the war in Ukraine.

They revealed that the 155th Brigade had already lost 50 percent of its equipment in just a week of battle.

“The district command together with Akhmedov are hiding these facts and skewing the official casualty statistics for fear of being held accountable,” they stated.

The complainants implored Russian governor Oleg Kozhemyako, asking him how long commanders would continue to plan military actions to gain individual awards at the cost of people’s lives.

As of last month, Russia had reportedly lost nearly 63,000 soldiers due to Ukrainian counter-offensives.