Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan reiterated the Kingdom’s support of all international efforts to eradicate terrorism “from its roots.”

Speaking at the Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security on Monday, Prince Faisal said terrorism posed a threat to international maritime trade and the global economy.

He highlighted the Kingdom’s “leading role” in fighting terrorism.

“Saudi Arabia supports peaceful resolution to conflicts and comprehensive economic development,” he said.

“We believe in multilateral global action to create a just world.”

Prince Faisal also reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s efforts to overcome climate change, reiterating the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2060 and the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security is an annual event that gathers leaders, policy makers, and multiple actors involved in peace and security. This year’s two-day event is being held under the theme “Africa in the face of exogenous shocks: challenges of stability and sovereignty.”