US Ambassador to Khartoum, John Godfrey, yesterday warned the Sudanese government of the repercussions of allowing Russia to build a military base in the Red Sea, the Anadolu news agency reported.

In an interview with the Tayyar newspaper, Godfrey said: “There are some reports that Russia is trying to implement the agreement it signed with ousted President Omar Al-Bashir in 2017 to establish a military base along the Red Sea.”

“If the government of Sudan decides to move forward with the establishment of this facility or to renegotiate it, it would be detrimental to the interests of Sudan.”

The US diplomat warned that such a move will isolate Sudan from the international community and undermine the country’s interests.

“All countries have a sovereign right to decide which other countries to partner with, but these choices have consequences, of course,” Godfrey said.

He explained that the US can be a good partner, but that will be possible through the creation of a new civilian-led government and a transitional framework that will take the country back to the path of democracy.

Neither Khartoum nor Moscow commented on the US ambassador’s remarks.

During a visit to Moscow in November 2017 Al-Bashir, who was overthrown in 2019 through a military coup, Sudan and Russia signed cooperation agreements on military training, experience sharing and the entry of warships into the ports of the two countries.

One agreement provides for the establishment of a facility on the Red Sea in Sudan capable of receiving nuclear-powered warships and accommodating 300 military and civilians.