If you’re looking to freshen up your Insta feed, Mykonos has all the right spots that will wow your followers and attract new ones. 

We asked the owner of the prestigious concierge service on Mykonos to give us insight into what places are a must for a beautiful Insta feed, and here are the top 5 locations he gave us.

#1 Chora

Nearly every part of this wonderful location is a backdrop for stunning photos, which is one of its best features. This is primarily due to the excellent lighting, which makes sense given that the entire island is made up of white streets and houses. It has some of the sunniest days throughout the year compared to any other location in Greece.

There are 14 hours of sunshine on average every day in July. Even if you are just here for a couple of days, you can fit a few shoots. And the coolest part – the white walls. Tthere are so many of them, which makes Chora every Instagrammer’s paradise.

#2 Little Venice

A must-visit location is Little Venice, the island’s most well-known tourist attraction. Little Venices’s popularity is unmatched to any other place on the island. You will need to get there early before the cruise ships bring the wave of tourists.

You’ll need plenty of time to capture some spectacular images, so arriving before 10 AM will bring the best results. And since the sun will be lower in the sky, there will be more lighting to help create the perfect Instagram image.

#3 Mykonos Windmills

While in Little Venice, you can also take the opportunity to add some windmills to your feed. Yes, you heard that right –  windmills. Sometime in the sixteenth century, the Venetians built the first windmills on Mykonos.

While the need for them perished, they remained intact to offer visitors spectacular views of the island. It’s practically one of the Instagram community’s laws that you must take these photos while you’re in Mykonos.

#4 Streets With Pink Bougainvillea Trees

Almost all of the houses on the island have blue doors and window frames, which is a wonderful scene just by itself. And when you add magnificent bougainvillea trees with their vibrant pink blossoms, there is no way an image can go wrong.

Bougainvillea blooms twice a year and thrives in arid climates that have mild winters and hot summers – making Mykonos the perfect place for it to bloom. Its pink blossoms can be seen blooming on the island as early as May. No matter what you’re wearing, using this gorgeous color combination makes every snapshot instantly 10 times better.

#5 Platis Gialos Beach

Instgrammers love Platis Gialos Beach on the southern coast of Mykonos because the small shore is bordered by sugar-cube cottages and tavernas that provide unique features to any image taken there.

Sun loungers line most of the beach, but the parasols have a natural appearance thanks to the greenery that covers their tops. For the best panoramic picture, stand on the headland on the west side of the beach.