If you’re looking to bare it all on your next vacation, look no further than the most popular nudist beaches in Mykonos. From secluded coves to wide-open expanses, these beaches offer the perfect setting for a nude sunbath or swim. We talked with the owner of the prestigious concierge service on Mykonos, and he told us all about the best nudist beaches and what they have to offer.

  1. Elia

The first one on the list should be Elia. It is truly one of the hottest spots for nudists. Gay tourists currently flock to this beach in greater numbers than any other, gravitating toward the tiny amount of open space without loungers. Due to the length of the beach, the central section with all the parasols and sunbeds also attracts crowds that remain in their swimming suits.

  1. Agrari

Agrari is another beach that can spike the interest of nudist travelers. It is located next to Elia, and it is an ideal spot for people who prefer a more secluded, quieter location. You can easily reach it by walking over the rocks right off the Elia or by taking the bus from Old Port.

  1. Paraga

Paraga is located up the hill from the famous Paradise beach. One part of this beach is, more often than not is 50% nudist. However, in prime vacation months (July and August), that number may be as low as 10%. Here the nudist crowd is mostly older couples and a few gay couples. You can reach it with the bus that goes directly to Paraga Beach, or with a car, just keep in mind that there is very little parking space.

  1. Panormos

Panormos was for a while a secret beach, but now half of it is filled with sunbeds while the other half is more relaxed and wild. That wilder end is typically reserved for nudists, typically young straight and gay couples. To reach this secluded shore, it is best to use a car, and you’ll need 15 minutes from Mykonos Town to reach it; don’t worry, there is a lot of parking space.

  1. Fokos

Fokos is in a remote location, and its near-deserted setting makes it a great place to strip all your clothes and enjoy the nude. Although a taverna is across from it, there is still more than enough privacy, and the only sounds you will probably hear are the wind and the sea.

It is ideal if you are looking for a place far away from other tourists and all the noise. Just keep in mind that no buses go here, so you will need to use the car to reach Fokos.

  1. Mykonos

Mykonos attracts people from all over the world, from sheiks to Hollywood A-listers and popular celebrities. No matter how popular it has become, it continues to be a favorite for people seeking a natural vacation in the sun. The island is quirky and a relaxing location where you can bask in the sun without feeling weighed down by bathing suits.