French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, announced on Tuesday that Morocco is ready to receive Moroccan preacher, Hassan Iquioussen, after he is deported from France, AFP reported.

Iquioussen is accused of using hate speech against the values ​​of France, “which contradicts the principles of secularism and equality between men and women” and participating in “promoting conspiracy theories about Islamophobia”, according to the French Minister.

Earlier on Monday, Morocco issued a consular statement regarding Iquioussen’s deportation from France, Darmanin said.

The French Minister thanked Morocco for issuing the statement, noting that as soon as the police or the gendarmerie arrest Iquioussen, he will be deported from the French territories without the possibility of returning to them.

Iquioussen, 57, is very active on social media platforms and has a YouTube channel with 169,000 followers and a Facebook page with 42,000 subscribers.

Iquioussen, who holds Moroccan citizenship, was born in France and resides north of the country, but he chose not to obtain French citizenship.

Lucy Simone, Iquioussen’s lawyer, said she is planning to obtain a temporary injunction at the Paris Administrative Court and will file a case with the European Court of Human Rights.

France could not expel Iquioussen, who is a father of five, before the issuance of the anti-separatism law in August 2021.