The international exhibitionEDEX 2021” unveiledthe new Egyptian TOMA developed by theNationalOrganization for Military Production (NOMP), namedSENA-200, which bears a strong resemblance totheSerbian BVP M-80.

The driver has a digital vehicle and driving controlsystem at his disposal. Each side has threedaylightperiscopes and an equal number of firing ports.

The vehicle carries a three-man crew (driver, gunner, leader) and a six-man Infantry Group while thearmourprotects the SENA-200 at Level-4 STANAG45698 against 14. 5 x 114 mm penetratingcartridges.

The floor offers Level-3 STANAG 4569 protectionagainst mines with eight kilograms of TNT explosive. Thevehicle can also be equipped with an RPG grid.

It incorporates a diesel engine with a maximumpower of 360 hp. It achieves a maximum speed, onthe road, of65 kilometres per hour and a maximumrange of 600 kilometres. It is 6. 1 metres long, 1. 88metres wide and 1.88 metres high.

At full load the combat weight is 14 tons, and it isamphibious. Its armament consists of a 30 mm gun(in theexhibition it was presented with a remote-controlled Eagle-1 turret and a 12. 7 mm machinegun).