The Somali-based militant group, Al-Shabab, has publicly executed seven people, including a soldier, over accusations that they spied for the Somali government and the US intelligence service, local media reported.

The seven men were executed by firing squad in Buula Fulay in the Bay region in front of the public, as shown on a picture of the execution posted by Al-Shabab on their website.

An Al-Shabab judge accused six men of spying for the Somali government and the US intelligence. It also charged three of the six men with offering intelligence about the two prominent Al-Shabab leaders who were killed in US airstrikes in 2020 — Yusuf Jiis and Abdulkadir.

According to the militant group’s website, the soldier who was among those executed was arrested on the route between the districts of Dinsoor and Baidoa in the country’s South West state.

In April 2020, a number of senior leaders of Al-Shabab were killed in US airstrikes. These included Yusuf Jiis, one of the militant group’s founders. Jiis was accused by the US of being responsible for the killing of scores of innocents.