RIYADH: A naval exercise hosted by the Royal Saudi Naval Forces started on Sunday with participation from the Western Fleet’s Special Maritime Security Group and the Jordanian Special Operation Forces.

The exercise, called Abdullah 8, aims to improve and develop the capability of the participating units to respond quickly to counter terrorist activities, exchange expertise in combating terrorism, and handle unexploded weapons.

It also aims to raise efficiency and combat readiness and unify operational concepts in the preparation, planning, and implementation stages.

Commander of the Western Fleet Rear Admiral Yahya bin Mohammed Asiri confirmed that the exercise is an extension of joint exercises between the two countries, adding that the drill includes two exercises that are being launched simultaneously in Saudi Arabia and Jordan and other military activities.

Asiri said that the week-long exercise at the Western Fleet aims to strengthen and consolidate relations between the two countries in mixed military training, and contribute to developing and raising the combat readiness of units from the Royal Saudi Naval Forces and Jordanian Special Operation Forces. He added that the units will carry out various drills and military hypotheses using live ammunition.