The US is acquiring new bases in Greece under the renewed Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement signed in Washington by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and his counterpart from the superpower on the other side of the Atlantic, Anthony Blinken.

In Alexandroupolis, the port of Souda in Chania, Volos, Litochoro in Pieria and Larissa, significant changes are taking place in the status of the bases.

In particular, the Americans attach particular importance to the port of Alexandroupolis, to which they already had the right to use under the previous Agreement and for this reason they had proceeded with a series of infrastructures.

Now, they will also be able to make use of the local campGiannoulilocated near the port, increasing their presence in the capital of Evros.

In this way, the city will become a key point of deployment of US forces against Russia in the Black Sea and Ukraine.

At the same time, the port of Souda is still the most important American base in Greece, used not only by their Navy but also by the Air Force, while men of the Special Forces are often stationed there.

It is worth noting that Souda is the only port in the eastern Mediterranean that has the capacity to accommodate an aircraft carrier in its facilities, something that the US takes advantage of through its Sixth Fleet. Until now, the use of the database has been renewed on an annual basis. Now its use will be for five years with a strong possibility of renewal for several more years as Crete is a key point for military operations in the region.

At the same time, the Volos area, and in particular Stefanovikio, is used for co-training and exercises of American helicopters, which take place at the facilities of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade. With the new Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement, the US will also be able to use Camp Georgoula.

As far as Larissa is concerned, until now, aircraft of the US Air Force were transferred to the 110th Fighter Wing of the region. At this airbase the presence is essentially made permanent. Lets not forget that Larissa is also one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations barracks.

Likewise, there will be a strong American presence from now on in Litochoro, Pieria, where, among other things, co-training with Greek helicopters was carried out from time to time.