Lebanese police arrested two Saudi citizens in al-Sfeir, south of the capital Beirut, for stabbing their brother to death, the National News Agency (NNA) reported on Sunday.

According to a statement issued by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces, the victim, born in 1980, was killed by his two brothers over family disputes on July 9.

Police detained the two on July 10 after investigations revealed that they were hiding in an apartment in al-Sfeir.

The knife used in the crime was seized during the raid, police said, adding that both men, identified by their initials, A. M. and H. M., confessed to killing their brother, M. M., over family disputes.

The perpetrators have been transferred to the relevant authorities to resume the investigation, the statement added.

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Lebanon Waleed Bukhari commended the police for arresting the perpetrators.

“I highly appreciate the efforts of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces for [investigating the crime] and [arresting] the perpetrators who killed the Saudi citizen in Beirut’s southern suburb,” Bukhari said in a tweet.