The first positive element, first of all on an institutional level, for the Greek industry after a long period of de-industrialization of the country, is the election of the head of the EFA Group, Christian Hadjimina, to the leadership of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE), one of the two major representatives of the countrys productive forces, together with the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV).

The election of Christian Hadjimina was based on two parameters: first, the global dominance of TEON Sensors, in electro-optical night vision systems, a dominance achieved in record time, one of the EFA Group companies, and the entry of SKYTALYS into the leading software and application development companies in the defence sector, in just seven years!

There are two sectors that show the path that Greek industry needs to follow in order to recover: aerospace and new technologies are privileged fields, given what is spent annually in the country.

The second parameter that highlighted Christian Hadjimina is the unprecedented export success of high-tech products in the history of Greek industry: the group exports its products to more than 58 countries.

This means extroversion, utilization of Greek human resources, digital automation and a high level of automation and quality control of production.

His career in EENE, after 30 years, when he joined the Board of Directors of the company as a simple member, then was elected Vice President and now succeeds Vassilis Apostolopoulos (Medical Center Group) in the leadership, marks the new era in Greek industry: from service provision andfasionto the industrial production of high-tech products.

According to the official announcement of EENEThe General Assembly (GA) of E. EN. E. elected on Wednesday 29 June 2022 the new 13-member Board of Directors (BoD) with a three-year term of office. The new Board of Directors unanimously decided the election of Mr. Christian Hadjimina at the helm of the Hellenic Businessmens Association, in place of Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos.

Mr. Hadjiminas graduated from Columbia University (USA) with a B. A. in Economics (Magna cum laude) and from the Wharton Business School of Pennsylvania (USA) with an MBA in Business and Finance.

K.Chatziminas | Νew H.ΕΝ.Ε. President

Vassilis Apostolopoulos | Member & Honorary President
New Board of Directors H. EN. E.
Vassilis Apostolopoulos, Kostis Hatzidakis, Christian Hatziminas