AMMAN: The killer of a female university student shot himself after being surrounded by police on Sunday and was later declared dead.

Oday Khaled Abdallah Hassan killed 18-year-old nursing student Iman Ersheid on her university campus last Thursday. She was reportedly shot five times after she left an exam hall.

She had been studying at Applied Science University in Amman’s Shafa Badran neighborhood, and was buried on Friday in the northern city of Irbid.

Hassan’s suicide attempt in the town of Balama brought the curtain down on one of the most heinous crimes to have shaken Jordanian society.

The police said in a statement that security forces had located the killer in Balama, which is north of Zarqa. When the site was surrounded, it was found that the killer was armed.

The police tried to persuade the fugitive to turn himself in, but he surprised them by shooting himself.

Security forces had moved immediately to raid the site and surrounded the killer, who pointed a gun at his head. He refused to surrender and threatened suicide, police said.

Security forces negotiated with him, but he refused and shot himself on the right side of his head, according to the initial medical report.

He was losing consciousness while he was being taken to hospital and was later declared clinically dead. Hassan was born in 1985.

The police statement also said that the security and intelligence department had swung into action as soon as the crime report was received.

The director of public security ordered the formation of an investigation team comprising all specialist units to work around the clock under his direct supervision.

Hassan had fled the crime scene immediately after shooting the student, but the investigations had led police to determine his identity and his place of residence.

The search process continued after the shooting incident until the killer’s whereabouts were located and raided by a police task force, the statement added.

The Public Security Directorate extended its sincere condolences to Ersheid’s family, colleagues, and Jordanian society, stressing that the “hand of justice will reach every criminal.”

It also urged people not to publish any unreliable information about the crime and not to re-publish what was circulating on social media unless it had been issued by official authorities, especially since much of what had been published was incorrect and contributed to the spreading of rumors.